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Sound management of chemicals forms part of the efforts to protect
environmental security and people?s health. In order to address various
environmental problems caused by mismanagement of chemicals, countries
are working to incorporate chemical management into their environmental
protection policies and have gradually put in place a risk management
system for chemicals that is complete and based on scientific evidence. In
Feb. 2006, UNEP adopted the Strategic Approach to International Chemical
Management which gives clear guidelines for the incorporation of chemical
management into national development strategies.
We believe that in carrying out the work of chemical management, full
consideration should be given to the level of development and specific
conditions of the developing countries. The international community should
provide new and additional financial support to the developing countries to
help them with capacity building in chemical management.
Using the current international basic principles for chemical management
as reference, China took into account chemical management in designing the
12th National Five Year Plan for Environmental Protection and has
incorporated chemical management into the system of the 12th Five Year
Plan?s environmental statistical indicators. My government has formulated
and improved relevant rules and regulations, and keeps improving the
review and approval system. We have established import/export registration
of toxic chemicals and registration of new chemicals and have kept them
under monitoring. We have also greatly strengthened monitoring and
management through advanced technical means such as customs electronic
port networking. My government has taken an active part in the international
process on chemical management. We have set up a national coordinating
group and an expert committee for the implementation of the Stockholm
Convention and have provided information as required by the Convention.
China is willing to continue to work with others to strengthen the work of
chemical management.
Doc Chi