United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Transport is closely related to energy conservation, environmental
protection and sustainable development. In working for the rapid
development of transport, it is necessary to keep the focus on energy
conservation and environmental protection and to ensure that transport
develops in sync with infrastructure construction. Efforts should be stepped
up to build a low carbon transport system in order to promote the sustainable
development of transport. We believe that we could focus our efforts in the
following aspects:
First, develop green transport, reinforce the research and dissemination
of transport technologies that are efficient and environment and climate
friendly, and promote the development and utilization of vehicles that use
new and clean energies.
Secondly, improve the level of IT and other technologies used in
transport facilities and promote integrated infrastructural development.
Thirdly, step up efforts to formulate indicators for transport related
energy conservation and emission reduction, and establish relevant rules,
regulations and standards.
Fourthly, strengthen public awareness work to encourage the population
to use public transportation which saves energy and is environment friendly.
In order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in
transport and to improve transport security, the Chinese government has
taken the following initiatives:
First, promulgate rules, regulations, plans and policies. In accordance
with China?s Energy Conservation Law and the Medium and Long Term

Energy Conservation Plan, we have formulated relevant regulations and
policies in the field of transport.
Secondly, design relevant standards. In order to reduce the energy
consumption and emission of automobiles, my government has formulated
many national standards and norms and implemented access and exit
mechanisms with a view to effectively guiding and managing energy
conservation and emission reduction in transport.
Thirdly, implement a strategy for the priority development of urban
public transportation. My government has set the development of urban
public transportation as a strategic priority of our national urban and
transportation development and all major cities have promulgated policies
for the priority development of public transportation.
China is willing to continue to engage in discussion and cooperation with
others on the development of sustainable transport.
Doc Chi