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Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance

2020 Annual Global Multi-Stakeholders SIDS Partnerships Dialogue
10 July, 2020 | 15:00 – 18:00 EST EFFECTIVE PARTNERSHIPS, THE DECADE OF ACTION & POST COVID-19 3-mins presentation by Prof Rosalea Hamilton Email: cariphilalliance@gmail.com; rosaleahamilton@gmail.com
Chair, Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance
The Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance came into being in September 2019, with the assistance of UNDESA and others. A Core Objective is to: Harness financial and other resources to accelerate the achievement the SDGs and the SAMOA pathways in the Caribbean by 2030.
We started 2020 with a blast! An ambitious agenda to plant 1 million trees across the Caribbean by 2021. Given the existential threat of Climate Change for the Caribbean, we were determined to accelerate achievement of SDG 13 (Climate Action) & 15 (Life on Land) and other related SDGs.
By March, we had a Caribbean Tree Planting Project Online Launch with representatives from 14 Caribbean countries/territories engaged.
By June, a Tree Planting Competition was launched with more than 250 young persons across 10 Caribbean countries/territories engaged, under Youth leadership from The Bahamas. And there were other Tree Planting competitions in Trinidad & Tobago & the Cayman Islands …injecting new energy.
The duality of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement has significantly impacted our lives. It has also fostered much philanthropic collaboration in finding immediate solutions to urgent needs… in providing PPEs, Care Packages etc as well as longer term developmental solutions linked to deep-seated, historical problems.
There are many lessons learnt, best practices and opportunities that can be found from our own Caribbean experiences. From launching rapid-response funds, using online platforms…to tapping into the philanthropy of the private sector, Foundations, NGOs, churches, Alumni & Diaspora organizations among others in providing immediate relief and longer term solutions. Philanthropic partnerships enabled us to go FASTER and FARTHER.
Based on our experience, I strongly encourage PHILANTHROPIC partnerships to strengthen SIDS immediate response to COVID-19 as well as long-term recovery. I believe that the experience of the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance can and should be replicated in other SIDS. It is an effective way to harness limited financial and other resources. Here, we welcome the extension of the UN SIDS Partnerships Framework to the regional and national levels and organizations like the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance. We are WILLING and READY to PARTNER! 350 words