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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

Statement on behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Ms. Rueanna Haynes
Second Secretary
Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations
At the
11th Session Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals
Health and Population Dynamics and Education
5 May, 2014
United Nations Headquarters
Health and population dynamics
CARICOM aligns itself with the statement delivered by the G77 and China. The group welcomes the balanced approach to the goal area on Health which addresses the unfinished MDG issues including maternal mortality and communicable diseases but also highlights the NCDs and the need for health system improvement.
We wish to reiterate that issues related to population dynamics should be addressed in the context of sustainable cities and human settlements. In relation to target area C we would propose that premature mortality from NCDs should aim for a reduction of 25% by 2025 with a more ambitious target for 2030. We would also propose that the target area be delinked from the treatment of mental health and injuries in order to ensure that these important issues are adequately addressed.
In relation to target area H on narcotic drug and substance abuse greater specificity is required on this target.
We reiterate that means of implementation in this goal area should address intellectual property rights issues for the provision of affordable drugs for treatment; technology transfer for the provision of modern equipment for the treatment of Non-communicable diseases; financing for the expansion of rural community health centers; and capacity building to improve research into preventative approaches for the treatment of Non-communicable diseases.
CARICOM supports the sub heading on this goal area entitled "Provide quality education and life-long learning for all". In particular, we support the approaches taken in targets E and F on vocational training and the development of relevant knowledge and skills. We would suggest the inclusion of a reference to job market in target F so that the reference to 'relevance' there may be qualified and improve the specificity of the target.
I thank you.