United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


CSD - 13 Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting (IPM)
Human Settlements - Financing Human Settlements
Thursday, March 3 (10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
Conference Room 3
Delivered by Krista Will, CMHC
The morning session will focus on developing finance institutions
and financial products suitable to the financial needs of the urban
poor. This session will address the recommendation in the
Secretary General's human settlements report around mobilizing
financial resources, and the broad sub-themes of " promoting
community-based approaches to financing of infrastructure and
housing "; "promoting and scaling-up micro-finance schemes ";
"developing market-based financial instruments and institutions ";
and 'financial and technical assistance. "
Mister/Madame Chairman:
Canada supports the focus in the Secretary General's human
settlements report on the need to mobilize financial resources and
to build strong financial institutions to meet the needs of the urban
poor. Canada, through its national housing agency - the Canada
Mortgage and Housing Corporation - helps to facilitate home
ownership by providing loan insurance to lenders, which allows
Canadians to apply for mortgages with only 5% down payment.
Canada is committed to sharing this expertise with the
international community. As part of its international efforts,
CMHC works with governments, business partners and non-profit
organizations from around the world to assist them in addressing
challenges in housing finance, housing market research and
housing policy. It provides advice on regulatory requirements,
The World Urban Forum, that will take place on June 19-23, 2006,
will build upon Barcelona and Spain's successful hosting of the
UN Habitat's second World Urban Forum in 2004, which focused
on the urban dynamic and the role of culture.
The 2006 World Urban Forum is a significant event for Canada,
and the international community, because it marks the 30th
anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on Human
Settlements, which led to the creation of UN Habitat. The 1976
Conference was also hosted in Vancouver, Canada.
Canada's hosting of the World Urban Forum is a symbol of
Canada's renewed relationship with UN Habitat, and its
commitment to human settlement and sustainability issues. From
2005-2008, Canada is a member of the Governing Council's of the
United Nations Human Settlements Programme - a role that
Canada welcomes.
Canada welcomes the world to Vancouver in 2006, and looks
forward to assisting UN Habitat to make this a premiere
international Forum devoted to the critical issues of cities,
communities, shelter and sustainability. The 2006 World Urban
Forum is an opportunity to turn innovative ideas into action, create
more sustainable cities, and leave a lasting legacy to 2008 World
Urban Forum in China and beyond.