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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Dr. CHHUN Vannak, Senior Minister?s Advisor & Deputy Director General for Inspection,
Head of Cambodia?s Delegation to the CSD IMP of 19th Session
New York, 3 March 2011,
10 Year Framework Programme of Sustainable Consumption and Production
We greatly thank Mr. Chair of the CSD-19 and Mr. Tariq Banuri from Panama to the IMP for
pushing the SCP policy and actions of the 10 Year Framework, and thank the panelists for
their concise information, and we join the statement of the G-77.
The 10 YFP for SCP should include: sustainable clean industrial production from its green
processing to value chain; upscale clean industrialization through clean production centers.
We support UNIDO for the clean production processing and we urge engaging
multistakeholder partnerships in the SCP;
The 10 YFP should also increase market value for green and environmentally friendly
products. A decoupling process for production and green growth initiatives for the SCP are
to be included.
Senior Minister and Minister of Environment of Cambodia, H.E. Dr. MOK Mareth, has taken
green actions by developing a national green growth road map and through a bilateral and
multilateral cooperation on green growth initiatives, like the one with South Korea.
The 10 YFP should also include balanced consumption and production, for a sustainable
lifestyle in harmony with nature by achieving more with less; coherently coordinated
institutional arrangement with good SCP governance structure and a SCP trust fund are
The 10 YFP should also stress mainstreaming SCP into national development plans through
the SCP law and policy at the national level. Finally, financial assistance (as not included in
the UN DESA?s SCP Report E/CN/17/2011/8 in page 11) and technical assistance, including
capacity building, clean production techniques, knowledge and clean technology transfer, to
the developing countries (DVCs) and the less developed countries (LDCs) are to be included
in the 10 YFP. Better pricing of primary commodity and resources from the DVCs and LDCs
in the global resource market are to be enhanced.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.