United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Dr. CHHUN Vannak, Senior Minister?s Advisor & Deputy Director General for Inspection,
Head of Cambodia?s Delegation to the CSD IMP of 19th Session
New York, 2 March 2011,
We thank the panelists for the very comprehensive information about issues of waste and
the bureau for the way forward and policy options.
The government of Cambodia has established master plan for sustainable waste
management, being integrated into a national development plan. The country tries to
mainstream sound waste management into educational programs at all levels to achieve
zero waste. Challenges to waste management are not only solid waste as presented by the
panelist, but also liquid waste.
The Senior Minister of Environment always stresses the education of waste recycling
involving all kinds of media, and natural biological treatment reservoirs are for wastewater
The Ministry of Environment tries to attract private-public partnership and investments in
building a centralized waste water system. In dealing with waste challenges, biogas
generation from solid waste has been promoted through micro projects, and waste
treatment incentives enterprises.
3 Rs are included in the waste management master plan, and solid waste separation,
hospital waste and household garbage is successfully implemented. Regional coordination
for transboundary hazardous waste movements control is to be strengthened. Best
practices sharing through regional networking with the support of UNIDO and INECE and
the waste management-SCP linkage needs to involve a holistic life-cycle approach, and
waste regulation enforcement is to be up-scaled from local to national level.
Finally, financing access for liquid, solid and E-waste management is to be broadened for
the developing countries, and technological-and-technical know-how through a capacity
building program is to be provided to the developing countries.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.