United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Dr. CHHUN Vannak, Senior Minister?s Advisor and Deputy Director General for Inspection
Head of Cambodia?s Delegation to
Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for the 19th Session of the Commission on
Sustainable Development
New York, 1 March 2011
We would like to provide thanks to the secretariat for the comprehensive and inclusive
report in the area of sustainable transport. Also, we would greatly thank the panelists for well
presenting the transport sector from various aspects, in particular, management, mobility,
railway to aviation for neutral carbon growth target. Cambodia would like to associate itself
with the statement made by Argentina on behalf of the G-77. We highlight and support an
integrated approach to transport as a crucial instrument for sustainable development,
especially, proper planning and use of transports by incorporating land use and management,
spacing; ecosystem services within transport. To address multiple challenges from transport,
Cambodia has identified six factors:
1. Low carbon principle to be integrated into a transport policy: carbon credit market
access for the developing countries and Less Developed countries to cope with climate
change impacts
2. Changing behavior of consumers for efficient transportation to reduce air pollution:
encouragement of mass rapid transports; efficient public & private transport services
3. Environmentally friendly public and private transport means needing multistakeholder
investments: rail, buses, mass transit: environmentally sustainable transport policy and
measures are to be introduced and encouraged
4. Economy of scale for transport to be introduced with great technical and financial
assistance to devel countries LDCs for railway construction; new clean technology
transfer for LDCs in the development of infrastructure; the Royal Government of
Cambodia and Senior Minister of Environment place a priority on improving and
enhancing the infrastructure to bridge a gap between the urban and the rural, for the
rural life improvement, the Minister has attracted investments in paths, roads at the
community level via protected areas management & ecotourism. 5. Reduction in cost
for road maintenance and transport means 6. Big investments in biofuel become a
major concern about global, regional and nation food supply.
Question for the aviation industry: What is a major challenge to the realization of the
Carbon Neutral Growth target by 2020 and 2050?
Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.