United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Cabo Verde

Statement by Mr. Moises BORGES Director General of Environment Republic of Cabo Verde
in the occasion of the First Meeting of the Preparatory Committee UN Conference on Small lsland Developing States
New York ,24'n February 201,4
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Co-Chairs, Excellencies, Distingu ished Delegates,
At the outset, allow me to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and to others Bureau Members on your election to lead this important conference.
I would like to assure you of Cabo Verde delegation's support throughout this current session.
Cabo Verde aligns itself with the statements delivered by Bolivia, on behalf of the Group 77 and China and by Nauru on behalf of Alliance of Small lslands States (AOSIS).
The Government of Cabo Verde asserts the particular and special importance of the first PrepCom and all the process (regional and interregional meetings) conducted last year and those ahead until the Third lnternational Conference on SIDS which will take place in Apia in September 201,4.
More than ever, and having in mind the similar relevance of the Global Launch of the lnternational Year of SIDS, this is an indispensable opportunity for SIDS to shape their development priorities and goals.
Lessons learnt since the endorsement of Barbados Plan of Action (BPoA) and Mauritius Strategy for Further lmplementation of Programme of Action for Sustainable Development of SIDS (MSl) confirm that progresses have been made but challenges remain.
Disti ngu ished Delegates,
As you may know, oceans cover two third of the Planet (which means 72%o of the Earth's surface) and marine biodiversity and related ecosystems are essential to all live in our planet.
However many human activities causing climate change and imbalance biogeochemical cycles, sea level rise, oceans acidification , and others threats such as overfishing, pollution, illicit traffics mainly in high seas, are hampering the natural path for sustainable development.
Being a Small lsland Developing State and a vulnerable country, Cabo Verde believes that addressing these challenges is a matter of existence and survival. lt is not an option...
Considering that oceans are source of livelihood for people, and a mean to eradicate poverty and empower the most vulnerable people as well as to booster maritime economy, Cabo Verde has been put in place an integrate and multidimensional framework comprising transhipping, fishing industry, marine aquaculture, bunkering, hub for cargo and oceanographic research. Trough this ambitious agenda, Cabo Verde aims to foster activities based on sea and asserts that Oceon bosed economy policies and strotegies should be put in ploce in o green monner.
Being a Middle lncome Country, recently graduated from LDC group, Cabo Verde recognizes that the transition measures and reliable supports are key to ensure an effective development. ln this regard, it's crucial to draw specific and clear smooth transition measures. mainly those related to market access.
Taking into account that the main SIDS challenges remaining are associated to economic Vulnerabilities, the 2015 development framework should set the basis to oddress the high economic vulnerobility index, by improving financial resources to be ollocoted moinly to water and energy sectors, by developing copacities ond transferring technologies .
There is a need not only to strengthen genuine partnership and solidarity among SIDS but also to foster global alliance trough different modalities of international cooperation (traditional North-South, South-South and Triangular Cooperation) in order to address the SIDS challenges and bring resilience to them.
Thus, we call for an urgent setting and implementation of solutions that might solve these challenges in a coherent and coordinate manner. Furthermore, we call upon to international community to find ways to improve the means of implementation.
Lastly, I would like to end by recalling what Nelson Mandela said, "We must use time wisely ond forever reolize that the time is olwoys ripe to do right." So, let's take the opportunity of SIDS Year to set cleverly an action plan that could lead SIDS to progress and their sound affirmation in upcoming years.
I thank you.