United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Bulgaria and Croatia

Open-Working Group on
Sustainable Development Goals
10th Metting

Conservation and sustainable use of
marine resources, oceans and seas
Ecosystems and biodiversity

I have the honor to make this intervention on behalf of Croatia and Bulgaria

Oceans and seas, forests and biodiversity are critical to sustaining life on Earth, including for the provision of food, oxygen and water and the moderation of climate. They constitute a universal issue for all countries because of their services provided.

Due to its relation to areas as sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition, water and sanitation, employment and decent work for all, economic growth, climate, peaceful and non-violent societies, rule of law and capable institutions; we propose a stand-alone goal on the sustainable management of natural resources, relying on the existing goals defined by global legal instruments and with specific targets in following action areas:

1. Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas including reducing marine pollution, promoting sustainable exploitation of marine resources, achieving sustainable fisheries, ensuring full implementation of regional and international regimes governing oceans and seas;
2. Sustainable forest management including reducing deforestation, soil erosion and combating desertification,
3. Safeguarding ecosystems and biodiversity
4. Awareness raising, education for creating a culture of sustainable lifestyles;
5. Sustainable government procurement and sustainable tourism;
6. Enhancing the reporting on corporate social and environmental responsibility