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Bulgaria and Croatia

Open-Workin Group on
Sustainable Development Group
10th Meeting

Water and Sanitation
Sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition

I have the honor to make this intervention on behalf of Croatia and Bulgaria.

Croatia and Bulgaria consider water and sanitation issues central to all aspects of social, economic and environmental development which should be properly reflected in Post-2015 development agenda. We are aware that safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, management of water resources, wastewater management and water quality are all indispensable elements for poverty eradication, sustainability and security of the world and we consider them as important action areas. The world that is confronted with the challenge of forecasts of nearly half of global population facing the water scarcity and water stress by 2030. Therefore, we need to take a joint responsibility, be water-smart and work towards a stand-alone goal for water since it is the only medium through which major global crises of food, energy, health and climate change, as well as economic crises can be jointly addressed’.

With regard to food security and nutrition we would like to make following comments. Eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition are not only building blocks to live a decent life, but indeed – to live. It is critical for achievement of inclusive and people-centered sustainable development and still continues to be among major global challenges. Transformational change, as an overall ambition for framing durable solutions for sustainable development path, needs to ensure a comprehensive food security and nutrition approach. That is why, Bulgaria and Croatia believe we need a standalone goal on those issues.
It should capture, in a holistic perspective, the cross-sectoral strategies for and multidimensionality of food and nutrition related concerns. We find of particular importance action areas as food availability and its universal access, utilization and stability, ending child malnutrition and stunting, improving efficiency of water use in agriculture, enhancing all forms of agricultural biodiversity, improved access to credit and other financial services.