United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Open-Working Group on
Sustainable Development Goals
11th Meeting

Conservation and sustainable use of
marine resources, oceans and seas
Ecosystems and biodiversity

I am delivering this statement in my national capacity.

Oceans and seas, forests and biodiversity are critical to sustaining life on Earth. They constitute a universal issue for all countries because of their services provided. This is why Bulgaria would like to reiterate its position, expressed already last month for a stand-alone goal on the sustainable management of natural resources that will combine focus areas 13 and 14. With regard to the proposed targets:

In order to have sustainable management of the natural resources we need to formulate targets on marine pollution, promoting sustainable exploitation of marine resources, achieving sustainable fisheries, ensuring full implementation of regional and international regimes governing oceans and seas. Also targets need to address deforestation, soil erosion and combating desertification, ensure sustainable management of the forests and mountains, halt the loss of all biodiversity and end trafficking of endangered species. Another important aspect for my country when we speak about sustainable management of natural resources is to raise awareness and education for creating a culture of sustainable lifestyles. In this respect Bulgaria would like to express its support for targets a, b, e and f from focus area 13 of the co-chairs’ document, as well as targets a, d, e, g and i from focus area 14. We would like to propose a slight change in 14 g, so it will read: “End poaching and trafficking of wildlife, in particular endangered species”. Also we propose a change in 14 I, so it will read: “Ensure the inclusion by 2020 of indigenous and local communities in decision making, and promotion and safeguarding of their traditional knowledge”.