United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Madam Chairperson,
Distinguished delegates,
Brazil wishes to add its voice to those ready to act to respond to the challenge of increasing
access to affordable, clean and reliable energy sources to meet the goals of sustainable
With this objective, the Brazilian Government has developed a comprehensive strategy to bring
electricity to all its citizens by 2008 and has been implementing with great success extensive
energy efficiency programmes.
Brazil believes that renewable energies should play a very relevant role in the global supply of
energy and as a testimony to that statement, 45%of Brazil's total energy mix is made up of
renewable energies such as hydropower and biofuels.
About 30 years ago, Brazil has engaged in a pioneer biofuels programme. Initially aimed at
addressing the adverse impact of the 1973 oil crisis, Brazil?s biofuels programme has proven to
be a useful tool to reduce poverty and generate income in rural areas, enhance energy access of
vulnerable populations in parts of the country not served by the national grid and last, but not
least, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions. Brazil is ready to share such
experience and has been dialoguing with interested countries in this direction.
Brazil looks forward to the strengthening of international cooperation to facilitate the
deployment of renewable energy technologies as well as to new and additional financial
resources to increase the share of renewable energies in the global energy mix.
Brazil hopes that the final document of CSD 15 reflects the growing importance of renewable
energies and the political will to move in this direction.
Thank you.