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Interactive Dialogue: Fostering sustainable economic growth, transformation and promoting sustainable consumption and production

Good morning. Thanking for this opportunity, I would like to say that, as the Secretary for the Environment of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, I transmit you today the voice of local authorities.

Working on the subnational and local level, we are usually the ones to be closest to the citizen. Full integration of actions on different levels is essential for better results.

Local authorities have been engaging, since long, in international discussions on sustainable development, also through networks such as ICLEI, energy for SD and UCLG.

The new agenda involves the recognition of human dignity, which means equality, freedom, religious freedom and access to quality education, which is linked with access to information.

Regarding sustainable consumption and production, the informed consumer can make better choices. This is the key for achieving the environmental and economic goals of our agenda.

As a huge economic and industrial hub and the largest consumer market in Brazil, the State of Sao Paulo has been working on several related initiatives and projects, such as introducing our own Sustainable Public Procurement System.

But more than individual projects, the Environmental Secretariat has established the reduction of the environmental footprint as one of its five guidelines for the next four years.

This is just an example of how subnational and local authorities are, in many cases, already leading on innovation.

Finally, I would like to highlight the importance of local authorities' engagement to support the implementation phase of this ambitious new agenda. I am proud to say that the State of Sao Paulo took the first step last Monday, signing a resolution to devise our subnational implementation strategy.

I thus emphasize the need of involving local authorities in every stage, and extend this mission to all Member States. I hope that, together, we achieve great results.

Thank you.