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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


BOTSWANA STATEMENT ON Sanitation: Wastewater Treatment, Recycling and Re- use
Botswana cannot agree more with the statement that ?Access to Sanitation is critical to hygiene.
Botswana is a dry country dependent highly on groundwater. The protection of this water source
from pollution by waste is therefore very critical. In Botswana there are no less than four
government agencies involved in sanitation and health.
Mr Chairman, HIV/AIDS has brought some problems for sanitation and waste management in
Botswana in two significant ways: first by taking a large chunk of the government budget for
interventions to deal with this problem as well as by contributing to increased health risks by
way of increased production of healthcare wastes from the new Home Based Care Program
designed to ease pressure on the limited healthcare facilities by taking the sick to be taken care of
at home where limited facilities for waste disposal exist. Healthcare wastes emanating from this
program are a serious issue for concern.
Botswana therefore supports the statements by the panelists and the other African voices for
support and assistance especially, but not necessarily limited for the following:
* Development, identification and imple mentation of appropriate and affordable
on-site sanitation technologies as well as transfer of efficient and affordable technologies for
wastewater treatment
*Promotion of early learning at schools on issues of sanitation and hygiene and the provis ion of
appropriate facilities at schools to ensure the development of environmentally acceptable
practices at an early age.
Thank you.