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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Bhutan, Thailand and Viet Nam

5 – 9th May, 2014, New York
Troika Intervention on Focus Area 9 “Industrialization”

Thank you Mr. Co-chair,
Allow me to make a brief intervention on behalf of our Troika consisting of Bhutan, Thailand and Viet Nam on focus area 9 – “Industrialisation”. We associate ourselves with the statement(s) delivered by Bolivia on behalf of the G77 and China.
Mr. Co-chair,
Just as in focus area 7, Energy, let me emphasize again that for targets set in this focus area to be achievable, it is necessary that they must be accompanied by appropriate Means of Implementation, in particular transfer of technology and capacity building for industrialization. We have plans, strategies and policies for industrial development but what we and many other developing countries lack is strong means of implementation to implement these plans and policies effectively.
With that in mind, we thank the Co-chair for incorporating our suggestion to target (d) and (e). We support the overall thrust of targets (c) on achieving high productivity levels across industrial sectors in all countries and target (g), but on (g) we wish to replace the phrase “implement plans and measures” with “upgrade” and delete the rest, so that target (g) would read “by 2020, UPGRADE technological capabilities of industrial sectors”, the rationale for this is to make the target more action-oriented, because in order to upgrade technological capabilities our national governments certainly will have to implement plans and measures to achieve this; and also on this target we do not want to single out or prejudge a particular measure on how to upgrade technological capabilities of industrial sectors.
Again, we would like to reiterate that specific targets shall be set by national governments in accordance with national conditions and circumstances.
I thank you Mr. Co-chair.