United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Bhutan, Thailand and Viet Nam

Speaking notes on Water and Sanitation and Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition
Thank you Mr. Co-Chair,
I am speaking on behalf of Bhutan, Thailand and Viet Nam. We align ourselves with the statement of the G77 and China, delivered by the distinguished representative of Bolivia.
These two focus areas are among the most fundamental, yet challenging, complicated and interlinked aspects of poverty eradication.
Heeding your call, we wish to emphasize our support for a dedicated goal for water (and sanitation) and wish to propose some targets, with the understanding that this is not an exhaustive list, the proposed targets may be interlinked and appearance under one goal will not exclude it from another.
On water and Sanitation, we envision four targets:
(i) Ensure access to safe and affordable drinking water and adequate sanitation, especially for people living in rural and mountainous areas
(ii) Increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture and industry
(iii) Enhance effective water governance at national, regional and international levels, from mountain source to deltas, including through integrated water resource management and trans-boundary cooperation.
(iv) Reduce human and economic loss caused by water-related disasters and unsustainable use and development of water resources.
With regards to means of implementation, we underline the importance of transfer of water-related technologies, particularly for water-harvesting and recycling.
On Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition, the following four targets could be considered:
(i) Eradicate child malnutrition and stunting
(ii) Ensure universal year-round access to affordable, adequate, safe and nutritious food for all
(iii) Increase agricultural productivity with focus on small-holder farmers, including in mountainous areas
(iv) Reduce post-harvest loss and food waste
As means of implementation, we believe we should focus on increasing investment in research and development and reducing trade-distorting agricultural subsidies