United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Delegates
1 Today, I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Barbados Delegation, and as
such, welcome the importance given this year to the regional level of discussions
on transport and related issues as a topic of the UN CSD 18-19 cycle.
2 Barbados affirms that the CSD plays an important role in sustainable
development issues within the United Nations system and needs the capacity to
deliver far reaching results. It also provides an ideal opportunity to examine the
different approaches to sustainable development taken by respective countries,
as well as best practices adopted to overcome the challenges encountered.
3 Against this background, Barbados views the establishment of practical,
progressive and results oriented partnerships in the context of the UNCSD, as a
critical mechanism for achieving its Sustainable Development Objectives.
4 As a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) Barbados, with a land area of 166 sq
miles and a population of approximately 260,000 has one of the highest rates of
the motor vehicles per capita in the world. The records show that Barbados has a
vehicle population of 125,000 of which some 99,000 represent private motor
5 It is well accepted that transportation is an important component of sustainable
development, since adequate and affordable transport facilitates the easy
movement of persons, goods and services. However, the proliferation of vehicles
in a small confined space, as in the case of Barbados, creates enormous
congestion on the highways and has the potential to cause environmental
damage. The country?s Sustainable Development Policy therefore speaks to the
issue of transport addressing the need to reduce environmental damage
associated with the various aspects of transport, while ensuring that its valuable
economic and social contributions are not undermined.

6 The strategy to help achieve this objective includes the following:
? The development of safe minimum standards for atmospheric
pollutants, especially those associated with vehicle emissions;
? The enactment of legislation to ensure the successful
implementation of policy objectives aimed at facilitating energy
efficiency in the transport sector;
? The enactment of legislation to enforce the efficient and timely
maintenance of vehicles particularly those involved in public
transport, commercial activities and construction;
? The upgrade of the public transport system and related
infrastructure to facilitate the shift from the use of private vehicles to
public transport vehicles, as a means of reducing congestion on the
country?s highways;
7 As part of its efforts to improve the situation, the Barbados Government
has recently established the Transport Authority, whose primary role is to
regulate and monitor the operations of the Public Transport System, to set
standards in respect of the services provided, as well as to advise
Government on policy issues. Since 2008, the Authority has begun its
work in this direction.
8 At this point I also wish to share with the Commission a number of pilot
initiatives undertaken in the area of public transport. The first relates to the
establishment of a new service to support persons with disabilities. This
service is available to persons in need of transport to attend medical
appointments, the elderly to attend social and religious events, as well as
physically challenged students to attend educational institutions. As a
public service, the initiative is oversubscribed, and Government is now
moving to further expand the service to private sector operators.

9 A second initiative is in respect of the encouragement given to private
individuals to operate ?solar powered? vehicles. A pilot phase has been
started in the area of the provision of taxi services using the solar powered
10 In addition, following consultation with other regional countries, plans are
being formulated to establish a new modern facility to improve the testing
of vehicles for emissions control. We view this as a critical element of our
country?s ?green? economic pursuit as articulated in our national strategic
11 Other developments which are under active consideration include the
establishment of a ?ferry? service to facilitate the provision of transport
services along the coastal waters of the country.
12 Given the current global economic situation, where resources are
constrained, Barbados would welcome the assistance of the International
Community with the transfer of technology, as well as new innovative
financial facilities to assist us in these endeavours.
13 As the Government moves ahead with its new ?Green Economic Policies?
under which the Transport Sector is regarded as a key component, we call
(i) greater inclusion and support for Small Island Developing States
within existing international technical cooperation programmes, and
(ii) the establishment of new SIDS specific partnership mechanisms
that would enable our countries to achieve our Sustainable
Development Goals.
I Thank You.