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Intervention by Mr. Riaz Hamidullah , Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh at the 11th Session of the OWG on SDGs under Focus Areas 13: Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas and 14: Ecosystems and biodiversity

On these two Focus Areas, we appreciate the general thrust of the targets that have been proposed. We have few specific comments/suggestions that we will transmit to you. We also heard the context behind the targets that you explained at the beginning of this session. Surely, there is general support to the rationale and importance of the targets under Focus Areas 13 and 14. That has also been put forward by Bolivia. On behalf of G-77 till now, the interventions made would reflect the general thrust. But, a key issue at this stage of consideration is how do we ensure the relative judgment, balance and the concise manner we all can package the transformative goals with maximum inter-linkages. We heard about the need to carefully consider that larger framework question yesterday, and also throughout this morning when we considered SCP and Climate Change Focus Areas.
From that vantage point, we are ready to options on how we can best Streamline the elements or targets proposed under other relevant Focus Areas, namely on Poverty (1), Agriculture (2), Water (6), Economic Growth (8), and SCP (11). That’s where we recognize merit of the approach that Lesotho, on behalf of Africa, just outlined. The proposition of having a more integrated Goal centering eco system and bio-diversity is poignant. At the same time, within that some specific, differential elements like small-scale fisheries, coastal areas protection, containment of salinization – that have been underlined by Benin, on behalf of LDCs – can be factored ion within a robust Goal.
I thank you, Co-Chair.