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Intervention by Mr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Deputy Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to UN at the 11th Session of OWG on SDGs under Focus Area 5: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment and Focus Area 6: Water and Sanitation
7 May 2014
Mr. Co-Chair,
We would support a stand-alone Goal on Attaining gender equality and women’s empowerment.
As for the proposed targets, my delegation is okay with the proposed targets ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and‘d’. However, we would suggest adding ‘girls’ with ‘women’ to read ‘women and girls’. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ propose to end discrimination and violence against women. This may be an excellent as slogan, however, as target, how far achievable needs our deep reflection.
Action area ‘c’ is better captured and synthesized in Focus Area 4. Like ‘c’, action point ‘d’ should also include the word ‘access to’ after ‘equal’. As for placement, this would be better captured in FA 8, which is on decent jobs.
Under action area ‘e’, we would propose to add ‘productive’ before ‘assets’. Again, as we heard extensively yesterday, this would be captured under a Goal on Poverty. Peru has suggested for adding financial inclusion. We would support. However, we need to find a better placement, may be under a separate bullet.
With regard to Action area ‘f’, we would suggest slight re-formulation and add opportunities for after equal at the beginning and insert space after public and private.
As for ‘g’, this is one area where we do not have clear understanding and common position what constitute early marriage. Also, while ending child and forced marriage is in order, it would be best left to national determination given varied circumstances.
The concept captured under sub-para ‘h’ is a vague notion and subject to interpretation; and thus should be deleted. The African group has also pointed to certain difficulty in this notion.
With regard to ‘I’, we all are familiar with the positions of different countries and groups. We should be mindful of not to bring in notions that does not enjoy consensual support in this forum. As we heard already, this would be addressed under Focus Area 3 and in accordance with ICPD.
As for action point ‘j’, we heard this in earlier OWG sessions. Data is a systemic or framework issue. And, it would best be looked at in terms of all Goals when we look at Post-2015 issues. So, all ‘data’ issues should be dealt with as such.
On Focus area 6: we support the Goal on water and sanitation for a sustainable world.
As for the proposed targets: Action point ‘a’is okay with us, however, we would suggest addition of ‘in rural communities’ at the end.
We are also generally fine with ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ and ‘e’. We are particularly happy with‘d’ as it has multiplier effect involving multiple goal areas. Percentage target should be left to national determination. We have some discomfort with the objective to bring fresh water extraction in line with sustainable supply, protect and restore ecosystems, to provide water-related services. Rest is fine.
While ‘f’ is in order, in our view, this would better fit as an indicator, subject to national variations.
Action area ‘g’ broadly relates to promotion of water conservation and harnessing traditional, indigenous as well as advanced technologies. Our target should be to significant increase in water conservation and promote use of harvested water.
Sub-para ‘h’ can be dispensed with under this Focus Area and consolidate under FA 1 and 2, as we heard yesterday.
As regards Means of Implementation, we would stress that enhanced global partnership and international cooperation would be crucial in realising a number of the proposed targets.
Also, this would require creating adequate support measures and affordable access to related science, technology and innovation for the developing countries, particularly the LDCs.
Thank you.