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8 May 2006
CSD 14
SIDS day:
Integrated review of the thematic cluster of energy for sustainable development,
industrial development, air pollution/climate change in small island developing
Statement by Mr. Yashar Aliyev, Permanent Representative of the Republic of
Azerbaijan to the United Nations, Head of Delegation
Mr. Chairman,
Azerbaijan welcomes the discussion reviewing the progress towards sustainable
development of SIDS in the context of the current thematic cluster and would like to
thank the SG for its report (E/CN.17/2006/7).
The facts and figures presented in the report provide useful information for the
international community on the current status of development and challenges being faced
by SIDS. It is crystal clear that socio-economic challenges of SIDS are aggravated by
their exposure to natural disaster and inability to adjust to them.
Although GDP records of SIDS vary across the regions it is obvious that their sustainable
development efforts should be supported and complemented in coherent manner through
complex measures targeted at infrastructure development, capacity building for
combating climate change and other environmental degradation related challenges.
We are also concerned over the some cases, notably Kiribati, Maldives, Tuvalu and the
Marshall Islands, whereas the risk of total submersion is increasingly a very real threat.
We believe these cases deserve urgent attention of international community. Moreover,
the experience of Grenada shows that there is a room for improvement in the area of
international response to recovery efforts of affected SIDS and building resilience of all
We welcome the efforts of SIDS towards ensuring access to cleaner and reliable energy
services, including through promotion of use and development of renewable energy
sources. The effects of energy on the livelihoods of population and development are
enormous and require integrated approach ranging from urban planning and infrastructure
development at the national level to access to modern technologies and funding at the
international level.
It is an established fact that most of SIDS are highly dependent on imported fossil fuels
for energy. Therefore, Azerbaijan, as oil producing country, believes that support to oil
producing and exporting countries, in ensuring access to greener fossil fuel technologies,
will complement our joint efforts in quest for sustainable development and strengthened
international cooperation in this area can offer win-win situation.
As a party to UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol, Azerbaijan attaches a great importance to
the adaptation works and to the implementation of adaptation measures. In this
connection, we support the SG recommendations towards supporting long-term
development goals of SIDS and consider that today?s discussion will contribute to that