United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Australia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom

Australia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom
Promote sustainable industrialization and equality among nations & Build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and human settlements
OWG 11: 5-9 May 2014

We support many of the issues covered by the targets which have been proposed by the co-chairs under sustainable cities and human settlements, and industrialization. We believe that these are cross cutting issues which can be addressed in other goals, specifically:
- Industrial development and jobs (targets 9a,b), and resource productivity (target 9e) under economic growth;
- Sustainable products (target 9f) under natural resource management;
- Eliminate slum-like conditions (target 10a), sustainable transport, road safety and air quality (target 10b) and integrated urban planning (target 10c) and improving disaster and climate resilience (target 10e) under infrastructure.

We believe there is a strong role for the private sector, in particular small and medium sized enterprise to contribute to attaining these targets mentioned under this heading. Creating an enabling economic environment for them is of utmost importance for promoting sustainable industrialization.