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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Statement by Australia on Sustainable Consumption and Production
3 March 2011
Thank you Mr Chairman.
Thank you as well to the Panelists for their excellent and very insightful presentations.
Australia would also like to take this opportunity to thank the government of Panama for
hosting the Intersessional meeting on a Ten Year Framework of Programs in January
Mr Chairman, as we have heard, the foundation of the Ten Year Framework of Programs
on Sustainable Consumption and Produc tion was laid in 1992, with the Rio Declaration
and Principles. The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation provided the agreed vision and
goals for the framework. CSD19 provides us with the important opportunity to move SCP
forward into the next decade.
Australia agrees with the statements that the 10 Year Framework of programs needs to
reflect and promote the three pillars of sustainable development. We are also conscious
that there has been much work done already towards a 10 Year Framework of Programs.
There is considerable effort underway within many countries. Within Australia, there are
programs already contributing to SCP objectives across the themes being discussed at
CSD 19 - and more in other areas as well. We agree that it will be important that the
10YFP takes a flexible approach can recognize, and capture the benefits and lessons
from, these initiatives, and build on them where there is opportunity to broaden those
benefits. A focus on adding value to, and avoiding duplication of, existing efforts will also
be important.
We have heard that the availability and transparency of information is key for achieving
SCP. Information on production and consumption processes , and their impacts, is
important for supporting decision making, as well as in forming program and policy design.
Information and guidance on best practice approaches will also be valuable in extending
the benefits of the successful efforts that are already in place.
In this regard, Australia is supportive of the suggestion for a SCP clearinghouse - to
enhance international cooperation and information transfer, including on best practice
models. A such a platform would allow governments and, importantly, non-government
actors to access and make available information that could then be adapted for their own
unique requirements? including governments at the local, state and national level.
Mr Chairman, as we have heard, the Marrakech Process has been a successful model for
delivering SCP initiatives. It has shown that effectively designed programs, with the right
mix of support, can deliver sustainable consumption and production results. Australia
believes that a Ten Year Framework of Programs that builds on the Marrakech Process
can help to drive sustainable consumption and production into the next decade.
Mr Chairman, Australia is committed to working cooperatively towards a meaningful
agreement on a Ten Year Framework at CSD 19.
Thank you Mr Chairman.