United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Transport plays a critical role in Australia?s economy, due to the large
distances between our major cities, natural resources, manufacturing centres,
and our international trading partners.
We see benefit in CSD taking a strategic approach and examining a wide
range of transport policy measures, including:
? land use planning;
? transport infrastructure delivery and pricing systems;
? national transport frameworks;
? vehicle fuel efficiency and emissions standards; and
? consumer information measures.
A key opportunity here is national transport, recognising that action at the
national level is fundamental to the implementation of sustainable
development, and noting the important work that is already being done on
international transport emissions in other multilateral forums, including the
International Civil Aviation Organisation, the International Maritime
Organisation, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
Australia recognises the importance of a balanced, sustainable transport
sector, one that meets the needs of today and of future generations. Working
with the States and Territories, the Australian Government is:
? Implementing national rail safety regulation and investigation systems;
? Exploring investment opportunities for light rail and rapid transit
projects in major Australian centres;
? Examining new vehicle emissions standards, including the provision of
credible and up to date information on greenhouse and air pollution
emissions ratings for all new light vehicles entering the Australian
market; and
? Developing a framework to direct future transport-related action and
investment in our cities.
We believe there is value in CSD capturing national experiences and best
practices in sustainable transport policy measures, in both developed and
developing countries, recognising the need for flexible, practical outcomes
that allow countries to pursue policies that best suit their national settings.