United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Human Settlements
Australian Intervention
1 March 2005
Australia thanks the Secretary-General for his report on human settlements and
appreciates its calls for an integrated approach to dealing with rural poverty, vital to
dealing with the problems of urbanisation in the developing world.
Australia supports the view that persistent poverty in rule various continues to drive
urban - rural migration, and should be addressed as part of the strategies for the
development of human settlements. As my EU colleague said "slums are a
consequence of urban poverty".
The most effective overarching strategy to deal with problems associated with
urbanisation is the two - pronged approach that focuses on broad economic growth
while reforming and improving systems of governments, with a focus on service
delivery (, water, sanitation, transportation and solid waste management).
Continued economic growth, which generates benefits for urban inhabitants (for
example jobs, income, investment opportunities), is dependent on the capacity of
cities to provide sufficient infrastructure to meet the needs of business and
Broad-based economic growth coupled with poverty reduction strategies is crucial to
creating the resources for poverty and slum reduction.
Aid alone is not sufficient to ensure growth. It will require the mobilisation and
effective use of all resources, including foreign direct investment, domestic resource
mobilisation and greater trade liberalisation.