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The AUC agrees with previous speakers that the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) has come to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries in terms of chemicals management. In this regard, the AUC through Component 2 of the EC-ACP Capacity Building Program on Multilateral Environmental Agreement is working with SAICM to address chemical management issues on the continent. Along the same lines it is working closely with partners to support the development of regulatory frame work for POPs management in Africa. Further, the Commission plans to support the participation of African negotiators to attend some meetings on the legally binding instrument on mercury, but as resources are very limited we would need additional resources from partners so that more meetings could be supported.
Some African countries have raised the issue of poisoning most of which are pesticide related. Here we wish to inform this meeting that the AUC is planning to support the Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel zones of west Africa to develop post registration surveillance strategies. Funds will be sought to replicate the activity in other regions of Africa. Post registration surveillance will go a long way in reducing poisoning cases in Africa.
At this juncture, we wish to remind participants that the New Partnership for Africa?s Development (NEPAD) which is an Agency of the African Union, has developed an ambitious environmental action plan which adequately covers chemicals and waste management and serves as a good strategic document to complement efforts at national level.
I thank you all.