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Nubert Boubeka
Founder /Consultant
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
2017 UN Ocean Conference Secretariat
Plenary Statement at the UN Ocean Conferene in Support of the SDG14 by Ambivium Institute on Security and Cooperation
Secretary General of the Conference,
And members of the conference
I want to thank DESA from having done such a wonderful job in the lead up of the conference and the President of General Assembly for carrying an open-view in allowing the participation of individuals from the outside. It is not by accident that I am here.
The saying that ‘Ocean refuses no rivers’ brings me to the floor and to be able to make a brief case for voluntary commitment 15027 ‘Safe Rivers, Seas, and Oceans: Water Areas for Bettering Future Lives’
Ambivium Institute on Security and Cooperation
Life under water in the ocean is lives in landlocked places where rivers pollution serpent to the oceans, and streams with it all hope.
Life under water in the ocean is lives on coastal seas that deserve migratory policies for safe and orderly migration, so that better opportunity reduces human tragedies that we have been witnessing.
Life under water in the ocean is lives on a vast continental ocean where security and safety of those navigating it choose to trade for a prosperous world.
Excellencies and conference members,
OceanAction15027 - Safe Rivers, Seas, and Oceans being promoted here could do many things to help communities everywhere, and it can do one of the following:
1. Allow for local management of rivers so better fishing policies in small communities across the world can rely less on ocean fishes, thereby reducing overfishing of industrial-scale
2. Accelerate and allow cooperation between landlocked countries with those that are ocean-based where trade is always paramount
3. Promote the reduction of poverty and illicit migration of individuals that lead to human trafficking
Ambivium Institute on Security and Cooperation
4. Introduce the policy of eco-scaling1
5. Stop marine and rivers pollution from rivers so they do not end to oceans
6. Promote and align with the UNEP Freshwater Strategy 2017-2021.
7. Help reduce disaster risk for vulnerable people and communities
Excellencies and conference members,
With regional organizations already drafting their own forms of development agendas, I believe safe fishing and water policies will be crucial in bettering future lives. This voluntary will complement the human security nexus of food, water, and environment.
Excellencies and conference members,
Safe Rivers, Seas, and Oceans will require the assistance from members’ states, IGOs, NGOs, and professional individuals at their capacity. This is a bold voluntary commitment that I am engaging in. And as a son of a trained hydrologist, the talk of water resources management and urbanization has not escaped me, this commitment echoes those that are not able to have this opportunity.
In the spirit of the conference, I do believe this commitment furthers section 3 and 13 of the call for action, and connect with other SDGs and I thank everyone for their attention and look forward to working with all.
1 Eco-scaling is being termed as the management of ecological systems within a country by applying an interdisciplinary approach whenever mass consumption is to be favored.