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commitment and make them inspire the
youth and the local small island
communities to the next generation.
Sport can promote sustainable
consumption and production through
education and awareness-raising
campaigns. The popularity and outreach
of sport offer opportunities for
engagement in sustainability actions and
a platform for information sharing across
many topics, including sustainable
development, disease prevention
environmentally-friendly lifestyles.
Campaign messages related to these
subjects can be disseminated through
products, services and events. This could
be EduZone. A powerful example of the
type of educational campaign that sits
perfectly within SIDS framework.
The concept provides a setting from
which to engage the public (in this case,
our target audience). This social
marketing strategy, create unique
contents to be disseminated through
Media and Social Media, though the
"Word to mouth" within the local
communities, is the key communication
tool related to the project.
The activity we are going to implement,
country-wise through the local
communities, will constantly include
quality measures identify by SIDS.
Leveraging the Influence of the Sports
The sports industry includes some of the
world’s most iconic, inspirational and
influential organisations. SIDS must be part
of this. As we all know, in a cultural shift of
historic proportions, the sports industry is
now using its influence to advance
sustainable stewardship.
A principal objective is to educate sports
professionals, their supply chains and
millions of fans about the business case for
greening, from achieving cost savings and
enhancing brands to developing new
partnerships opportunities and
strengthening community ties.
Through the combined activity of SIDS and
the SDGs, the project SIDS Towards the
FUTURE can be set to become the
spokesperson of these values, not only
within the continent but also worldwide,
wherever Small Island athletes compete
representing their own country and their
continent. Continental Championships,
World and Olympic Games, are some of the
International appointments where SIDS
showcase the qualities its multistakeholders.
Nowadays, sport is to building lasting
working relationships or landing a new job,
simply because it brings people together.
SIDS can implement a sustainable chain
among the stakeholders, involving CEOs and
Top Managers to the improve a common
sense of social and sustainability