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ADD International

Statement of Mosharraf Hossain, ADD International
On behalf of the disability community I would like to applaud the Report of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals. The SGDs – as currently phrased – contain nine explicit references to persons with disabilities. The disability community recommends maintaining these explicit references of persons with disabilities.
 Maintain the explicit references to persons with disabilities in line with the Report of the Open Working Group (on inclusive education, employment, reducing inequalities, inclusive cities, disaggregation of data by disability status). Any technical proofing of the targets happen, we recommend the additional references in the targets related to (1) poverty eradication; (2) access to universal health coverage and (3) empowerment of women with disabilities, including ending all forms of violence.
I strongly recommend that the global indicator framework disaggregates data by disability across all goals and targets. In addition we recommend the following specific indicators:
 Poverty eradication indicator: The percentage of households with persons with disabilities living on less than US$1.25 per day compared to the percentage of households without persons with disabilities living on less than US$1.25 per day.
 Education Indicator: The percentage of schools that are accessible to children with disabilities; percentage of children with disabilities in need of accessible teaching and learning resources who have regular access to such resources; percentage of teachers receiving in-service training each year on inclusive education.
 Healthcare indicator: The percentage of persons with disabilities without equal access to health care compared to the percentage of persons without disabilities without effective access to health care.
Last but not the least: participation of people with disabilities in the process of developing of indicators as well as measuring the progress of SDGs. At the same time, supporting DPOs for their capacity building to collect data.
I will post our concrete recommendations/longer version of my speech for the SDGs and indicators on the website