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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Preparing Low‐Emission Climate‐Resilient Development Strategies

Publication Year: 2011 Publisher: UNDP


The ‘Preparing Low‐Emission Climate‐Resilient Development Strategies’, developed by the United Nations Development Programme, is a guidebook to assist national and sub‐national governments in developing countries to prepare low‐emission, climate resilient development strategies that aim to simultaneously address the threats, risks, vulnerabilities and uncertainties associated with global climate change and the pressing development needs countries face as they pursue sustainable development.

Similarly to the Project Catalyst report, the UNDP guidebook does not offer a short definition of low‐emission development but instead provides a series of detailed steps to the formation of lowemission development plans. These are as follows: identification of key stakeholders and establishment of participatory planning and coordination frameworks; generation of climate change profiles and vulnerability scenarios; identification and prioritisation of mitigation and adaptation options; assessment of financing requirements; and development of low‐emission climate‐resilient roadmaps for project development, policy instruments, and financial flows.