United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Human Development Report 2015

Publication Year: 2015 Publisher: UNDP


This new global Human Development Report is an urgent call to tackle one of the world’s great development challenges - providing enough decent work and livelihoods for all.

Work provides the means to tackle poverty, empower minorities by being inclusive, and protect our environment if jobs are green in a green economy. The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever before. The question is: what are the best policy responses to ensure that human development benefits from that change.

Twenty five years ago the first Human Development Report in 1990 began with a simple notion: that development is about enlarging people’s choices—focusing broadly on the richness of human lives rather than narrowly on the richness of economies. Work is a major foundation for both the richness of economies and the richness of human lives but has tended to be conceptualized in economic terms rather than in human development terms.

The 2015 Human Development Report goes beyond that convention in directly linking work to the richness of human lives. This Report starts with a fundamental question—how can work enhance human development?