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    Under the guidance of Poverty Alleviation Office of the National Health Commission of the PRC, Fosun Foundation in conjunction with China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program and the China Population Welfare Foundation, launched the Rural Doctors Project in December 29, 2017. In order to support China’s 2020 goal of eliminating absolute poverty, the project aims to enhance public health system in rural China by empowering 1.44 million village doctors who are taking care of XXX farmers, mostly women, children and the elderly, in China.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    For implementing the project, Fosun Foundation in not only partnered with local governments, but also had recruited more than 158 staff volunteers (50%) and college graduates (50%) to be the project coordinator working in the demo counties for at least one year. They have carried out a series of measures in the project counties, such as rural doctor training both off line and online, accident and health insurances as gifts for every rural doctors, Rural “Family Physician” awards, relief of villagers with serious diseases, and publicizing of rural doctor role models. In addition, some advanced technologies such as AI assistance system and big data analysis tools have been introduced to some demo counties.


    1.By the end of 2020, Fosun 158 front-line poverty alleviation team members have covered 70 national poverty-stricken counties (including 13 deep poverty-stricken counties in “three districts and three prefectures”) in 15 provinces and autonomous regions in central and western China. The Project has helped 12545villages clinics, guarded 22192 rural doctors, benefited nearly 3 million poor families, including 303,428 “registered impoverished households” (1,114,480 “registered impoverished people”). 2.The Rural Doctor Guardian Alliance, officially launched in February 2019, has absorbed more than 40 enterprise and individual members, providing more than 10 million yuan donation for the Rural Doctors Project. 3.The Rural Doctors Project has won the 11th China Charity Award (Charity Project and Trust Category),“the Golden Key - Action for SDG in China”Award in Poverty Eradication, and made the Fosun to won the "Model Poverty Fighter" award.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Enabling factors: 1. Favorable national policy on rural area development; 2. Fosun's sound business foundation and advantages in health area; 3. Extensively mobilzed resources from other companies and NGOs. Constraints: 1. Most rural doctors don't have ability to deal with those so-called "modern diseases" which become normal in rural areas; 2. The turnover rate of rural doctors is very high. Some of them leave for more profitable positions after training.

    Sustainability and replicability

    Sustainablity 1. The project will be combined with the national strategy of rural revitalization, so the project will continue getting supprot from national policy. 2. In terms of funding, Fosun's own investment, coupled with the "Rural Doctor Guardian Alliance" and the companies and individuals who have joined the ranks, will provid a steady stream of financial support for our project. 3. in terms of personnel ,1)Fosun Group's own staff resources ,2)every year, college students volunteer to serve the West Program volunteers to join the project, which can ensure the sustainability of the project personnel. Replicability The project has formed a Five One-Actions (one village doctor guarantee project, one village doctor ability improvement project, a group of poor and seriously ill patients rescure, a group of outstanding village doctors awarding and rural clinics upgrading) as standardized "products". So with more funds and personnel to join, we can copy this template to more places.

    COVID-19 Impact

    Impact During the epidemic, our project had to shift rural doctor training from offline to online. Support 1. In 2020, in order to support rural doctors to better carry out epidemic prevention at the grass-roots level, the project donated 3000 pieces of faces masks and 4400 protective suites to 24 demo counties, The donated materials are worth of RMB 615500 yuan. After that, The project also donated materials to Hubei and other areas seriously affected by the epidemic. 2. When Hubei Province lifted the ban, we immediately selected six counties to be the demo sites and have trained 2492 rural docotors to enhance their ability in respiratory diseases and epidemic prevention, and to distribute 100,000 health packages with a total value of RMB 5.1 million yuan to over 40,000 villagers.

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    29 December 2017 (start date)
    29 December 2027 (date of completion)
    Fosun International
    Other beneficiaries

    Beneficiaries: 22192 rural doctors in 70 project counties and nearly 3 million poor families within that boundary Key stakeholders and partnerships: the Health Bureau in demo counties, the township hospitals, the China Population Welfare Foundation, the Youth Volunteer Action Instruction Center of the China Youth League Central Committee, Poverty Alleviation Office of the National Health Commission of the PRC, China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, China Entrepreneur Forum, Zhejiang Commercial Chamber.

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