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Cinsiyet Gözlüğü Projesi “Gender Glasses Project“

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    “Cinsiyet Gözlüğü”(Gender Glasses) project was implemented on March 5, 2020, under the Equal Borusan Platform which was established in 2015. “Cinsiyet Gözlüğü” (Gender Glasses), which is a program that focuses on invisible barriers that lead to gender inequality in business life, aims to contribute to a solution in this matter. With this program, targets related to women's employment and female manager ratios were determined and the “Cinsiyet Gözlüğü” was presented as a guide. While creating working environment that offers equal opportunities to women, the groundwork has been laid for the emergence of equal practices for all, regardless of gender.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    "Cinsiyet Gözlüğü" program was created by taking the opinions of leading NGOs in this field such as "Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV)" and "UN Women", and through in-depth studies and cooperation of Borusan Corporate Communication and Human Resources teams. Regular communication is made, and improvement actions are taken in order to raise an awareness at all levels by ensuring the determination of senior management. Borusan Group companies’ general managers signed the "Borusan Equal Commitment" on March 5, 2020 and became the ambassador of gender equality in their company. In addition, all group companies have company-specific sub-working groups of the Equal Borusan Platform. In addition to monitoring the implementation of the goals that has been set throughout the group, equality projects which are specific to the areas required by the relevant company are implemented. Equal Borusan Platform comes together every 3 months to share the agenda. Also, on November 25, 2020, "Gender Equality and Domestic Violence Guide" was published within the scope of the program. The quide serves as a guide to all managers and employees, to guide on what to do in such cases, facilitate the recognition of the sources of domestic violence, and provide a support and assurance to those who has been exposed to violence under the Borusan Group policies as a reference resource. Borusan has allocated approximately 200,000 TL budget to the projects implemented within the scope of the program.


    The rate of female employees, including production, is about 14%. 25.5% of office workers and 24% of managers are women. In the promotion processes, evaluations based on equality of opportunity are made regardless of gender. Care is taken to ensure that at least one female candidate is shortlisted during the management recruitment / promotion process. Throughout the company, the percentage of women in top management positions is 23 percent, 24 percent in middle management, and 31 percent in first level leadership roles. In this process, the program has also brought comprehensive solutions that make work life easier. Private health insurance with birth coverage for female and male employees, the opportunity for women to use maternity leave for 5.5 months without interruption, maternity and postnatal support program, spread of nursery assistance, first day of school and report day leaves, flexible working practices can be given as examples of these practices.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Many studies have concluded that inequality and violence against women have increased. Invisible barriers that women encounter in business life are increasing day by day. Against all these difficult conditions, our project, which we developed to ensure that women have equal rights with men in business life, is moving towards its goal. Thanks to the adoption of the gender equality principle by all our employees and managers, we can destroy this perception seen in the society. As Borusan, we are increasing the number of women employees and managers because of the awareness-raising efforts we have achieved through NGO collaborations.

    Sustainability and replicability

    One of our goals in all the work we do within the scope of the program is to inspire all organizations by producing concrete projects and solutions that have achieved success. This work, which can mobilize the society, also guides many women in business life. Moreover, the sharing of inspiring stories of women employees from Borusan on every platform with the awareness of being the representative of gender equality also supports the dissemination of the project. It is possible that our guide we have published can be accessed and applied by everyone. Our “Gender Equality and Domestic Violence Guide” prepared within the scope of the program is a guiding resource not only for our employees but also for all women. After reaching our 2023 targets, it is possible to further increase these targets, to further increase the rate of female employees in the coming years and to eliminate invisible barriers completely.

    Other sources of information

    Stevie Awards in 2020, community management award 3rd place Kristal Elma (Association of Advertising Agencies Awards) in 2020, gender equality award on ads award, 2nd place Social Media Awards Turkey in 2020, 3rd place https://www.borusan.com/assets/media/pdf/bhbilgilendirme2020.pdf https://www.borusan.com/Assets/Media/Images/Press/PressGallery/Toplumsa… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSTqtQYx1KI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5015u-JF3M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf8E5ipk8vw

    COVID-19 Impact

    With the impact of the epidemic restrictions, the time women spend on housework is increasing, because of the pressure of responsibility on them. While the burden of women who did three times more unpaid housework than men before the epidemic doubled in this process, they also moved away from their work more than men. All of these increased the importance of our project and caused it to expand in scope. Despite the increasing inequality during the pandemic period, our efforts continued for the equal representation of women in business life. We continue our efforts to raise awareness among our employees about equal work sharing at home. One of our primary goals is to reduce the effects of the pandemic process on our female employees.

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    05 March 2020 (start date)
    05 March 2023 (date of completion)
    Borusan Holding
    Other beneficiaries

    Within the scope of the program, collaborations with leading NGOs such as Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) and UN Women continue. AÇEV supports the awareness of employees at all levels with gender trainings. New projects are determined in cooperation with the HR of the group companies, considering the needs of the employees in this field.

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    Nursel, Chief Human Resources and Corporate Communications Officer