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Legal and Economic Empowerment Global Network (LEEG-net)

Achievement at a glance

(1) A human rights-based blueprint named the "Temple of SDGs" has been developed in association with the partner institutions. This blueprint seeks to realize the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by leveraging the human rights foundation of SDGs through legal empowerment of people including the poor and disadvantaged groups. It can be used as a human-rights-based guide to implementing the SDGs that can be integrated into national action plans for implementing the SDGs. \r\n\r\nAn infographic of the Temple of SDGs can be viewed online at https://www.leeg-net.org/temple-of-un-global-goals/ (best viewed on Google Chrome browser). Different parts of the Temple depict SDGs-enabling conditions and/or relationships between the SDGs and human rights that together constitute a human-rights-based blueprint to help realize the SDGs. An explanatory guide is available at https://www.leeg-net.org/guide-to-temple-of-un-global-goals\r\n\r\n(2) Based on LEEG-net's consultations with national government institutions of several selected developing countries, the following three pro-bono projects have been developed and are presently being introduced to prospective beneficiaries:\r\n\r\na) SDG-enabling Law Reform Drive (https://www.leeg-net.org/sdgs-enabling-law-reform-drive). \r\n\r\nb) Action 4 Digital Inclusion (A4DI) (https://www.leeg-net.org/a4di), and\r\n\r\nc) Access 2 Social Protection Global Initiative (A2SP) (https://www.leeg-net.org/a2sp).

Next Steps

A guidebook on the blueprint "Temple of SDGs" is to be published and launched to commemorate the 70th Anniversary celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December, 2018.


Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Zambia. The pro bono work of LEEG-net including the blueprint "Temple of SDGs" have been introduced to these beneficiaries (countries) through the SDG Philanthropy Platform (https://www.sdgphilanthropy.org/)


SDG policy makers and actors in these countries have indicated their interest in making use of the work of LEEG-net in further developing and implementing national action plans.

Submitted on

29 July, 2018

Progress Status

On track