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Working meeting - Global Pilot Programme on STI for SDGs Roadmaps

Fri 26 Mar 2021, 5.47 pm


In February 2021, Ukraine officially joined the Global Pilot Programme and requested support of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

The STI for SDGs Roadmap is seen as a key policy-making instrument to move towards comprehensive and effective accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine. The development of the STI for SDGs Roadmap will build on the successful experience of the implementation of the JRC Smart Specialisation methodology in Ukrainian regions. Its development will be based on the National Smart Specialisation Strategy for SDGs and UNIDO’s experience on green industrial transformation. As part of the process, the identification of the scientific, technological and innovative potential towards the achievement of SDGs, would facilitate the definition of a comprehensive policy set complimenting the existing strategic framework.

The working meeting "Global Pilot Programme on STI for SDGs Roadmaps" aimed at presenting the STI for SDGs Roadmaps approach; discuss possible institutional arrangements and governance; and the next steps and support needed for the development of the STI for SDGs Roadmap in Ukraine. For more details, see here.