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Local Climate & Sustainable Energy Solutions, South Asia, East Africa, Eco-Village Development, 100% Renewables

Wed 15 Jul 2020, 8.00 am — Wed 03 Feb 2021, 8.00 am
Virtual (New York time)


International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)

Co-organisers with ECOSOC status: Solar Cookers International (SCI), All India Women Conference (AIWC) and Grameen Shakti

Co-organising CSO/NGOs: INSEDA (India), CRT (Nepal) IDEA (Sri Lanka), Suswatch (Kenya), UCSD & JEEP (Uganda), TaTEDO (Tanzania). All organisers and speakers are member / coordinators of INFORSE network.

Local sustainable energy and other climate solutions: improved cookstoves & water mills, solar cookers, solar dryers, biogas, solar home systems, solar street light, organic farming, rainwater tank, composting basket. using local material, like bamboo, reuse waste). Calculate Climate Mitigation/CO2. Microcredit. Poverty Reduction. Eco-Village Development Concept: Planning with public participation. Gender/Women’s roles. 100 % renewables scenarios (e.g. Kenya). Short highlights by speakers: Gunnar B. Olesen INFORSE; Alan Bigelow, Solar Cookers International; Sohel Ahmed, Grameen Shakti Bangladesh; Kalyani Raj, AIWC India; and repr. INSEDA India; Center for Renewable Technology Nepal; IDEA Sri Lanka; UCSD & JEEP Uganda; Suswatch Kenya; TaTEDO Tanzania.

For more information, visit INFORSE