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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Progress on achieving SDG 6

2020 Voluntary National Review

Ukraine reported on achieving the following: a reduction of the discharge of polluted wastewater into water bodies from 875.1 mln cubic meters in 2015 to 737.2 mln cubic meters in 2019; as well as a reduction of the share of the discharge of polluted wastewater into water bodies from 16.38% in total volume of discharge in 2015 to 13.72% in 2019. The country noted that this positive trend may not be regarded as stable due to major problems concerning modernization of treatment technologies and equipment of existing treatment facilities. To ensure progress in the future, Ukraine has identified necessary areas requiring action. The country committed to intensifying the activities concerning implementation of the EU Directive concerning urban wastewater treatment; implementation of the EU Nitrates Directive; implementation of the directives concerning water resource management. They have also committed to modernizing treatment facilities and continue implementation of modern wastewater purification methods, developing the implementation of the state policy on centralized drinking water supply and centralized water drain of Ukraine, and developing river basin management plans.  

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