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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Russian Federation

Progress on achieving SDG 6

2020 Voluntary National Review

Russia reported that in 2014-2018, the share of households with access to centralized water supply increased: from 86.7% to 90.3%. This trend was observed both in urban and rural areas, where in 2018 almost 70% of households were provided with running water. To solve the issues of the water supply sector in Russia, the country reported that it has begun implementation of tasks for the modernization and construction of water facilities. Current models of water resources management are undergoing a transition to a more flexible and adaptive system and management strategy. Russia outlined that these measures are aimed at improving the quality of water available to the population, elimination of the unsatisfactory state of the drinking water supply, low efficiency of the water management system.  

Russia also reported that in order to improve the quality and availability of water supply, the country has created the federal project "Clean Water", and it is being implemented within the framework of the national project "Ecology". The Ministry of Construction of Russia signed 82 agreements on the provision of subsidies from the federal budget to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for the implementation of measures for the construction and reconstruction (modernization) of water supply facilities for a total amount of 4.2 billion rubles. 

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