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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Progress on achieving SDG 6

The country reports a universal and equal access to clean drinking water at an affordable price and toilet facilities, sanitation and hygiene. Water consumption in Denmark is efficient compared to that of other countries.

Since the drinking water supply in Denmark is based on a limited treatment of our groundwater, protection of that groundwater is a recurring theme in the Government’s water policy. The Government has therefore chosen to continue the national mapping of groundwater and municipal planning to protect groundwater and prevent contamination as much as possible.

Wastewater in Denmark is treated at a high level. Denmark is active through the EU in water management but has few water bodies that cross national borders.

Denmark faces challenges in relation to pesticides and chemical pollution in groundwater. The Government has a heightened focus on protecting groundwater and drinking water by reducing pesticide load, protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems, and supporting a water sector that invests in long-term and sustainable solutions.

Denmark is a global leader in efficient water supply and utilization of wastewater through worldwide exports of intelligent, sustainable and efficient water solutions.

Denmark supports the protection of water resources and water supply in developing countries, which includes funding and cooperation with a range of global and regional organizations, including the Global Water Partnership.

Read the full report here: Voluntary National Review  Denmark


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