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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Czech Republic

Progress on achieving SDG 6

Nearly 95% of Czech citizens have water supplied through water water-supply systems.

The average price of water is rising; however, it does not exceed the tolerable limit of 2% of average net income.

The Czech Republic continues to primarily use drinking water in households, and so there is a significant opportunity for the use of grey water in this field.

Over 85% of the population lives in houses connected to a sewerage system, however this %age differs by region.

There is a high rate of wastewater treatment in the Czech Republic—nearly 98% in the case of municipal wastewater.

The water stress is around the European average. Total water consumption is declining in the long term, however individual water consumption is rising slightly, and approximately 90 litres of water were consumed per person per day in 2019.

Integrated water resource management is of high quality in the Czech Republic – as of 2020 this index achieved a value of 89 out of 100 possible points.

The landscape’s ability to retain water is significantly deteriorated, which may impact the availability of drinking water for humans as well as the ecosystem.

In 2019 funds totaling EUR 1.95 million were used to support projects focusing on water management and sanitation.

Read the full report here: VNR_Report_Czech_Republic


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