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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Progress on achieving SDG 6

Water projects are currently being executed across the country under Royal command, as a part of the De-Suung National Service. Through such efforts to ensure safe and reliable drinking water, and adequate water for farming, Bhutanese youth are being trained with skills in essential areas. In addition, the water projects are expected to greatly enhance WASH facilities across the country.

Rapid urbanization is increasing pressure on sanitation facilities, with inadequate capacity of Local Governments to maintain facilities.

High water availability but low accessibility due to insufficient source management, inadequate infrastructure development and maintenance, and issues in governance and sector-based system.

Drying up of water sources and lack of reliable data on water and sanitation sector. Additionally, the country reported the following figures:

  1. Sanitation coverage expanded and at 78%
  2. High coverage of Rural Water Supply Schemes (RWSS) at 92.46%.
  3. 4.24% rural households remain unserved by RWSS
  4. Only 11% of urban households have access to 24x7 drinking water supply as of 2021; remainder has only intermittent supply, with 52% for less than 8 hours and 1% without water supply.
  5. Poor standards in sanitation; 0.7% of population still face open defecation; disparities in access to sanitation facilities and services.

Read the full report here: Bhutan VNR


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