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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

National Commitments to SDG Transformation

Towards a rescue plan for people and planet
The SDG Summit in September 2023 provided an opportunity to change course and to secure the breakthroughs and momentum needed to achieve the SDGs by 2030. To this end, the Secretary-General urged world leaders to deliver a “Rescue Plan for People and Planet" at the Summit including by announcing national and global commitments to drive SDG Transformation in the years ahead.

In line with the Guidance Note on National Commitments circulated in May 2023, Member States were encouraged to present forward-looking national commitments to SDG transformation that included (i) priority transitions and areas for investment that will help maximize progress across the SDGs; (ii) a national benchmark for reducing poverty and inequality by 2027; and (iii) steps towards strengthened national planning and institutional frameworks to support progress in these areas.

Member States in a position to do so were further encouraged to put forward time-bound global and regional commitments to strengthen international cooperation and support for developing countries, particularly the most vulnerable countries.

Registration of National Commitments closed on 22 September 2023. A listing of commitments made is available below.

Delegations seeking further information on National and Global Commitments to SDG Transformation can contact

... Countries with registered commitments