United Nations经济和社会事务部 可持续发展


Thank you Chair.
Distinguished delegates,
Turkey?s global commitments through the UN system, its national program for EU accession and its
development priorities provide a strong basis to build sustainable development goals for the future.
Turkey prepared its national report to the Eighteenth Session of the Commission on Sustainable
Development which presents up-to-date information about the progress in Sustainable Consumption
and Production. We hope this report will be available to all parties through the Secretariat?s Web
Mr. Chairman,
One of the most important elements of sustainable development approach which balances
economic, social and environmental factors in life cycle of products and which is among the key
development priorities of our country is sustainable consumption and production. The sustainable
consumption and production approach aims at adopting policies and measures such as using and
promoting clean technologies, increasing environmental awareness in production and consumption
and increasing efficiency in the use of resources, and ensuring a balanced economic and social
development as well as mitigating environmental damages by changing the patterns of production
and consumption of goods and services.
Principles relating to sustainable consumption and production are addressed in many national policy
documents at different levels and forms. Development Plans, which are normative for the public
sector and guiding for the private sector, is a key policy document that lays down the
transformations Turkey will undertake in economic, social environmental and cultural areas with an
integrated approach.
1. utilization of natural resources considering the needs of future generations,
2. protection-utilization balance,
3. more production with less waste,
4. achieving consistency and coherence in between the industrial and environmental policies,
5. inclusion of groups under the risk of poverty and social exclusion in economic and social life
are the major policies that, we believe, contribute to sustainable production and
The process of the adoption of the EU Acquis into Turkish Legislation is a reform movement that
requires radical changes in all parts of life from production to consumption, health to education,
agriculture to industry, energy to environment. This ongoing process has facilitated the formulation
and adoption of strengthened national legislation that leads both the consumption and production
into a sustainable pattern.
Mr. Chairman,
Besides policies and regulations, financial incentives are provided to enterprises for their
environmentally sound investments and R&D efforts searching for cleaner technologies. Project
financing, voluntary agreements with subsidy awards for energy efficiency projects; above the
market price guarantee for the electricity generated from renewable energy resources, tax
deductions; minimum performance standards for buildings, transportation vehicles are the existing
practices promoting cleaner production and smaller footprints of consumption
In concluding, I would like to emphasize that more sustainable production and consumption require
changes in attitudes and lifestyles of people. As a case in point, awareness programs for energy
efficiency, inclusion of the subjects of sustainable consumption, efficiency in the curricula of formal
and extensive educational institutions are the ongoing efforts in Turkey for this purpose. However,
continuous efforts of promotion, awareness raising activities, education, trainings and capacity
building programs are needed. We believe this issue needs strengthened international co-operative
Thank you.