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National Strategy for Developing the National Statistics

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (

    Produce and provide high quality data to meet needs of the different data user groups covering the economic demographic social and environmental aspects that have to do with the indicators of the SDGs. The NSDS will provide an integrated framework for developing the capacities of the whole national statistical system a vision on what the national statistical system a comprehensive framework for a continuous assessment of the statistical needs and priorities in addition to the needed capacity building for meeting the requirements in a systematic and efficient way and a framework for resource mobilization and utilization and benefiting from it in achieving the sought results for the NSS


    Building partnerships Exchange and Providing data PCBS participated in the activities of National and International level Completing the questionnaires for international organization on the status of the sustainable development and the countries need of sustainable development data Update the indicators matrix and the variables related to matrix in terms of availability, source and responsibility, based on the last meeting of the United Nations Statistical Division Launching a matrix for the indictors of sustainable development and its data in Palestine. Such data are being updated frequently on PCBS website Preparing and lunching the first statistical report about observing progress on the indictors of the sustainable development in Palestine from the data that were collected from the regular and specialized surveys in addition to what have been derived from administrative records data of public and private institutes. Launching interactive database for SDGs’ indicators in Palestine

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Enable: factors Government attention, Government’s adoption SDGs, Activation of memoranda of understanding, The existence of the Advisory Council for Official Statistics, Local, regional and international network, Dependence of policy makers and decision makers, Use of modern technologies and interactive data dissemination, The existence of the e-government project, National committees for statistical registers and advisory committees for a number of the statistical programs, National statistical monitoring system constraints: Israeli occupation, Political and economic instability, Failure to ensure the sustainability of financial resources

    Sustainability and replicability

    PCBS worked to include monitoring response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in here NSDS 2022-2026 which will be finalized at the end of 2021, Update the indicators matrix and the variables in PCBS website

    Other sources of information

    NSDS-2018-2022-PCBS.pdf www.pcbs.gov.ps/mainsdgs.aspx PCBS | PCBS: launch the database of SDGs indicators in Palestine

    COVID-19 Impact

    COVID-19 was and still affected on implementing the activities of the NSDS 2018-2022, in the year 2020, 76% of the NSDS activities was implemented and 24% was postponed to the year 2021. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, PCBS used a new technology for collecting data from the field such as using telephone for the main surveys such as labour force survey and consumer price index, PCBS has conducted two surveys to measure the effect of COVID-19 on household and establishments , such activities conducted by using the online method (CAPI), and the filed surveys were also affected by COVID-19, for example the agriculture censuses 2020 was postponed to the year 2021 because of the lock down .)

    This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
    01 January 2018 (start date)
    31 December 2022 (date of completion)
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