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27 February, 2009, New York
Final Statement
Intervention from the Farmers’ Group
Madam Chair, Ladies and gentlemen,
Throughout this week, we have heard excellent presentations on the ways to achieve economic growth through sustainable agriculture and rural development. The ground has already been laid to come to a clear and efficient outcome document. Now, we need to turn CSD 17 into a real opportunity to generate policy change. For this, farmers call on negotiating parties to:
Make a strong plea for effective and increased investments in sustainable agriculture
Re-engage with farmers’ organizations as effective partners.
Commit to dedicating at least 10% national budgets to agricultural development.
The Farmers Group urges donor and international development institutions to support governments in these actions.
CSD 17 should also serve as a leverage to take action in relevant international agreements and platforms, and in particular the Multilateral Environment Conventions.
We look forward to the actions that will follow the words of CSD 17 so that farming can play its full role in addressing the multiple global crises that we are facing.
Thank you for your attention.