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Japan’s proposal on focus areas 13 and 14 at the 11th session of SDGs-OWG

Focus area 13. Conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, oceans and seas

We, as an island state, strongly support a stand-alone goal on oceans and seas.
The targets to be included under this goals are subareas a), b) and d) that are common international goals and therefore easier to make consensus on policies among countries.
On the other hand, we have difficulty in accepting c), f), and g). As for c), we understand MSY is one of the indicators for resource management but not an indispensable indicator for sustainable use. It is also a distant idea to estimate MSY for an enormous amount of all the marine resources. On f), we cannot accept to make MPA per se a target because MPA is nothing more than one of management tools for preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and marine resources. Subarea g) should not set the target year of 2030 as it would prejudge ongoing WTO negotiations on fishing subsidies.

Focus area 14. Ecosystems and biodiversity

As the protection and restoration of biodiversity should be promoted with sustainable use of it, the goal should read as follows: “Protect, restore and promote sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems and halt all biodiversity loss”.
It should be clearly mentioned that this area to be consistent with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) decisions including Aichi Targets. To be specific, subareas a), d), e) and h) need to be revised in accordance with Aichi Targets. It is not appropriate to set a 2030 deadline because we have to examine and clarify in COP12 in October to what extent we are on track to achieve the Aichi Targets where the deadline is by 2020 or 2015.
On subarea b), it is important as it focuses on not only “conservation” but also “sustainable use” of ecosystems. But it is too broad to evaluate its achievement. To focus more on the conservation of ecosystems that plays an important role in providing essential services, including services related to water, disaster risk reduction and livelihood, b) should be changed in accordance with Aichi Target 14 as follows: “restore and safeguard ecosystems that provide essential services and critical ecosystems”
Subarea f) needs to be amended because the benefit-sharing on “natural assets” is not within the jurisdiction of CBD and it is not appropriate to extend the limitation of the object of the benefit sharing beyond “genetic resources”. It should also clearly be mentioned that the benefit-sharing should be done “upon mutually agreed terms”.
As for g), it should aim for ending “illegal trafficking”, not trafficking in general.