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Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for the 17th Session of
the Commission on Sustainable Development
26 February 2009
Desertification Session
Australian Delegation
Madam Chair.
Australia would like make some brief remarks to re-emphasise the role of UNCCD?s
strategic plan and framework in focusing actions to combat desertification and land
degradation. The UNCCD is well placed to promote initiatives and develop policies
to combat water scarcity and desertification through this approach.
Australia supports coordination and collaboration between nations to combat
desertification and the integration of actions into national development strategies
and action plans. Australia also supports coordination and collaboration among
stakeholders to combat desertification and land degradation. The Lake Eyre Basin
Agreement is an Australian example that showcases this approach, which involves
governments, community, industry and scientific stakeholders.
Australia would also like to emphasise community-based natural resource
management, capacity building and employment of traditional knowledge.
Australia?s Indigenous Protected Areas programme involves an agreement between
traditional owners and the Australian Government to promote biodiversity and
cultural resource conservation in areas of Indigenous-owned land or sea.
Thank you Madam Chair.