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Data-driven decision-making for achieving climate and sustainable energy targets

Mon 01 Apr 2019, 12.45 pm — Wed 03 Feb 2021, 12.45 pm


A World Bank Energy Knowledge Hub organized Event in the 1st Global Conference on Synergies between the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement

Opening Remarks

Rohit Khanna – Manager, World Bank Energy Sector Management Assistance Program


Elisa Portale – Senior Energy Specialist, Coordinator ESMAP Knowledge Hub

Moderated Discussion with Panelists
  • Michael Williamson – Chief, Energy Division, UNESCAP
  • Eco Matser – Global Coordinator for Climate Change, Environment and Development HIVOS
  • Minoru Takada - Team Leader, UN Department of Sustainable Development
  • Representative of LDC (TBC)
  • Focal Point:

    Elisa Portale, World Bank Energy Knowledge Hub Team Leader, eportale@worldbank.org


    The World Bank Energy Knowledge Hub focuses on producing knowledge and data to track progress on the Sustainable Development Goal on Energy (SDG7) and related climate goals. The main data platforms of the Knowledge Hub: The SDG7 Tracking is a comprehensive tool to track the energy pillars on access, renewables and efficiency. The Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) is a tool that captures in more detail other dimensions of energy to provide more accurate data on the actual services households receive. Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) is a scorecard that captures what policies are in place to facilitate progress on sustainable energy solutions worldwide.


    In order to achieve the Paris Agreement goals, countries need to come forward with more ambitious new or updated NDCs by 2020. Opportunities arising from higher climate ambition and a more thorough integration with the SDGs, especially SDG7, requires more systematic attention.

    This event will look at the ways data platforms can be leveraged to address pressing climate and sustainable energy issues.


    The Event aims to:

    • Demonstrate how data platforms such as SDG7, RISE, and the MTF can make an impact on policymakers and other decision makers to achieve sustainable energy and climate goals;
    • Identify priority action areas for sustainable energy and climate from the emerging global results of the data platforms;
    • Discuss how to track potential solutions to address climate and sustainable energy priorities
    Target audience

    All participants of the Climate and SDG Synergy Conference: policymakers in the areas of climate change and SDGs, diplomats, NGOs, academia.