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China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan

Statement by Troika of China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan on Cluster 3 of focus areas on 10th Session of SDGs OWG.

I have the honour to speak on behalf of Troika of China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. We support the statement made by Bolivia on behalf of G77 and China.

Water and sanitation
 we support some elements contained in this focus area, however we don’t support the right based approach to address the water challenges in the narratives, therefore we propose to change “the right to safe drinking water” to “access to safe drinking water”
 As for bullet point f: we propose to generally address “enchancing international cooperation on water governance” in the narratives without mentioning specifics since water governance is complicated issue and not goalabe.
 As for bullet point i and j: we propose to merge them into “general management of waste and polluted water” .
 As for bullet point K: water related technologies belong to means of implementation. We should address technology in the framework of means of implementation with developed countries assisting developing countries with technology transfer and dissemination. Techonology is not an investment issue in international development cooperation, and therefore by no means a goal or target. We notice there are also bullet points on investment of technology in other focus areas. We propose our future discussion on technology should focus on means of implementation in all focus areas.

Sustainable agriculture, food security, and nutrition
• Despite the complexities of this focus area, SDGs should be focused on addressing the core issue which is to ensure the achievement of food security, access to nutritious food .
• This focus area title should be adjusted into focus area agriculture development, food security, and nutrition. Reiterating the focus on agriculture development is very significant to further develop policy actions and supports to develop sustainable agriculture practices. The focus on food security is to reflect another core challenge that need to be addressed within this focus area, which are availability and access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food.
• We propose to add eradicating hunger as a starting point as in bullet point a and ensure year-round access by all to affordable, adequate, safe and nutritious food.
• As for bullet point c: on increasing agricultural productivity needs to be strengthened with focus on the productivity at global level, while noting the diversity of agricultural conditions and systems. This focus need to include efforts not only comprising national measures (irrigation, seeds and fertilizers) but also including through improving the functioning of international markets and trading systems and strengthening international cooperation, to help developing countries in sustainable agriculture, land management and rural development;
• As for bullet point g: This bullet point should be strengthen by including also the smallholders or family farmers and reformulate the attention into the improvement its productive capacity. Such as strengthening the productive capacities of smallholders, family farmers and indigenous peoples and local communities’ sustainable farming and fishing practices.
• As for bullet point i:Sub element (i), guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests, as we understand there is no universally and internationally recognized guidelines on these issues , there are some discussions on these issues still going on in food-related agencies such as FAO on a voluntary basis. Therefore, it shouldn’t be discussed as a target in here SDGs, therefore we propose deletion of this bullet point i.
• As for bullet point l the food waste and crop loss (reducing post-harvest crop lossess…..) should be considered in the context of Sustainable Consumption and Production/SCP.
• On areas of Means of Implementation: Ensure adequate access by small farmers to credit, markets and marketing facilities; Introduce effective international and national regulation over the operation of commodity markets to address food price volatility and speculative activities; provide better access to credit, marketing, storage, processing, provision of agricultural inputs and land improvement measures, and measures to make agriculture more sustainable through improved sustainable agriculture methods,in particular for small-scale farmers in developing countries