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Major Group: Business & Industry

SDG OWG 7: Stakeholder Session ICCA Points
 On behalf of the Business and Industry major group, the International Council of Chemical Associations welcomes this opportunity to provide brief comments.
 ICCA has a long history of involvement and commitment to U.N sustainable development processes, dating back to before the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Our message today is that the global chemical industry has a significant role to play in addressing current and future global challenges.
 This includes developing innovative products and technologies that promote energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide safe drinking water, facilitate medical breakthroughs, enable the development of low-cost housing, etc.
 It is our strong belief that public-private partnerships will be essential in achieving the goals that will be set as part of the SDG process. We stand ready to contribute to these partnerships.
 We also reiterate our commitment to manage chemicals safely and sustainably throughout the product lifecycle, working together with the supply chain. Working with other stakeholders, ICCA has played a key role in generating progress under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management.
 The chemical industry’s role is particularly important because chemistry serves as the basis for the production of almost all manufactured goods. To facilitate the private sector’s role in promoting sustainable consumption and production, we call for an open, interactive process for the development of the SDGs, taking into account the knowledge and expertise of stakeholders.